Information for Parents

Infomation for Parents

Dear Parents of Kappa Alpha Sigma, Welcome to Kappa Alpha Sigma! Your daughter has found a home in an organization that has inspired women to realize their potential since 1965. Kappa Alpha Sigma strongly believes that you, as parents, are a part of our extended family. Kappa Alpha Sigma looks forward to playing a strong and positive role in your daughter’s college life and beyond, and we hope that you will be an involved and supportive part of this experience. The Objectives to which our founding members dedicated themselves when Kappa Alpha Sigma was founded in 1965:
  1. To achieve or promote the qualities set forth by the seven ladies of Karias. (Love, hope, charity, honesty, loyalty, obedience, and self-help)
  2. To promote better cooperation and understanding between university faculty and students.
  3. To secure better participation by the student body at all school functions.
  4. To provide better social, intellectual, and recreational activities for university women.
  5. To arouse intellectual curiosity and promote scholarly excellence.
During your daughter’s college years in Kappa Alpha Sigma, she will make friends to support and motivate her. From the beginning, she will be assigned a mentor Sister (known as Mothers). Mothers will help guide your daughter’s first semester in the sorority and help get her connected with the ladies of Kappa Alpha Sigma and other organizations on UWP campus. Kappa Alpha Sigma emphasizes the importance of academics, who model interpersonal cooperation in the face of differing viewpoints, and believes community service is inherent to being a good citizen. Through active chapter involvement, she will have the opportunity to develop life skills, leadership, and organizational management skills, self-awareness, esteem, and confidence. And she will be surrounded by other young women who support her through her challenges and celebrate with her when she meets them. In short, Kappa Alpha Sigma will serve as your daughter’s home away from home during college, and we hope she enjoys every minute! LIK,

The ladies of Kappa Alpha Sigma