About Kappa Alpha Sigma

Our History

Kappa Alpha Sigma is a women’s Greek social-service organization founded on the following seven virtues: love, hope, charity, honesty, loyalty, obedience, and self-help. Currently the oldest local sorority at UW-Platteville, Kappa Alpha Sigma was founded in 1957 as Kariathesis, and it was officially recognized in 1959. It adopted the name Kappa Alpha Sigma in 1965. We strive to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood through our virtues.

Our five objectives are

  • To achieve or promote the qualities set forth by the seven ladies of Karias.
  • To promote better cooperation and understanding between university faculty and students.
  • To secure better participation by the student body at all school functions.
  • To provide better social, intellectual, and recreational activities for university women.
  • To arouse intellectual curiosity and promote scholarly excellence.

“In our search to find what makes up the ideal “K” we found that she should be honest and loyal to herself as well as the entire organization. She needs to be open-minded and understand that respect is earned and shouldn’t just be expected. She shows pride in her sorority by demonstrating knowledge of the history and the objectives behind it. By knowing herself she will be able to uphold all of the virtues that go along with being a “K”. This includes love, hope, charity, honesty, loyalty, obedience, self-help and sisterhood forever. Above all, her first responsibility is to respect and appreciate her membership in the Kappa Alpha Sigma sorority.” – Written by the Beta Xi Pledge Class

Kathy Moan

Kathy Moan was apart of Kappa Alpha Sigma from September 25th, 1944 to December 8th 1964 and is looked at as the Ideal K. She was known all around campus, was homecoming queen, and featured 6 times in the yearbook. Kathy Moan was a sophomore at University Wisconsin Platteville and known all around campus as someone easy going and a welcoming soul. She sadly was shot and killed at Ullsvik by a freshman John Treglown. This killing was based on a “love posion” that Treglown refers to as his reasoning. After this incident, a bronze plaque is located at the doors of Ullsvik in memory of Kathy and recognized every year on December 8th by Kappa Alpha Sigma members.